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April 11, 2018

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This month, Ann Walsh celebrates two years as senior vice president of operations for Lifespace Communities. During that time, she has witnessed an increase in engagement with residents and team members. While, admittedly there is still work to do, she is excited to continue her responsibility of refining operational procedures to help create an exceptional experience for all those who live and work at Lifespace.

Q: As the senior vice president of operations, describe your role and responsibilities at Lifespace Communities.

A: Operations is unique because it touches every aspect and every corner of a community. I work closely with the regional operations directors and together we help lead the executive directors who manage the day-to-day operations at each community. I am driven by the responsibility of making sure our residents are receiving exceptional services and care every day. I, also, cannot forget about our team members! Working in senior living is truly my mission. I love interacting with team members and residents. There is so much love in the day-to-day activities within our communities.

Q: How do you balance support for so many different areas of each community?

A: I work with an experienced team in the home office and at each community to ensure our operations are making a positive difference for our residents and team members. They are smart, compassionate and hardworking professionals who always offer new ideas for evolving the resident experience. I have learned to surround myself with leaders who are not like me that bring different talents and leadership styles. Ultimately this approach makes our team better equipped to serve our communities.

Q: What’s one of the occupational accomplishments you’re most proud of?

A: It may appear to be a small thing, but the Lifespace Communities calendar we implemented is truly benefiting the overall experience at our communities. Our lifestyle coaches and leaders worked together with our culinary experts at Thomas Cuisine Management to develop some combined dining and lifestyle events. We are now able to integrate lifestyle and culinary elements to create entertaining and educational events for our residents.

Q: April is National Volunteer Month. Is there a group or organization you enjoy giving back to the most and why? 

A: I enjoy volunteering for an organization called Women at the Well, which is a church inside a prison. I am one of five members who help young women who have recently left prison and are now reengaging with society. It has been very rewarding to provide support and guidance to young women looking for hope and a vision for their new lives.

[In the photo: Ann Walsh and boyfriend Troy enjoy a relaxing, weekend experience.]

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