Safety and Security Is a Top Priority

March 13, 2018

in Community News,Organization News

By Ann Walsh, Senior Vice President of Operations

One of the reasons so many of our residents choose to live in a Lifespace community is for peace of mind and security. While there will always be things beyond our control, we must do our best to reduce risks that could put residents and our team members in harm.

One operational change that is being addressed at all Lifespace communities is a new Weapon-Free Policy. While we have had a Weapon-Free Workplace Policy for team members and restrictions in our health centers for quite some time, after the increase in gun-related violence across the U.S., we felt it imperative to reconsider our policy for residential living.

Understanding the sensitivity and personal perspective many have, nearly a year ago we asked members from each community’s resident council for their feedback on adopting a responsible and transparent guideline to weapons management.

Sharon Margolis, resident council president at Abbey Delray South, was involved in the process and is a strong advocate of implementing a policy for residential living, explaining that it takes a layer of uncertainly out of day-to-day life.

“For Abbey Delray South, I believe a policy on weapons provides residents peace of mind,” explained Margolis. “When you live at a safe community like ours, there is no need to have a weapon for protection or otherwise. I truly feel secure here and I am happy Lifespace is committed to putting the well-being of residents first.”

The Lifespace philosophy is rooted in supporting our residents to live their lives as risk-free as possible, and a new policy directly supports that obligation.

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