Get Inspired by Love Stories from Friendship Village of South Hills Residents

February 28, 2023

in Community News

Pictured from left to right: Anna Marie, Anne, Sally, and Veronica

Since 2020, Friendship Village of South Hills residents avoided anything associated with the word “viral.” That all changed this past summer!

Team members realized that our residents have plenty of wisdom, life advice, kindness, and humor to share with a larger audience. This led to the community reaching out to Hunter Prosper, a TikTok and Instagram influencer. Hunter does a series called “Stories from a stranger.”

For his TikTok, Hunter asked some of our residents, “Who was your first love, and why did you fall in love with them?”  

Our residents Sally, Anna Marie, Ann, and Veronica were willing to share their stories with Hunter. Combined, their stories have received over 13.2 million views and nearly 2.2 million likes on TikTok and 5 million views and 550,000 likes on Instagram.

Their stories are linked below for your enjoyment:

There’s a lot to love about Sally, Anna Marie, Ann, and Veronica’s stories, but our favorite part may be the commonality between the old-time love stories and what so many people, both young and old, still inspire to find themselves. The stories shared may have gone viral, yet the vulnerability and humanity that surround love and friendship will leave an impact on millions of strangers who, after listening, may not even feel like strangers anymore.

More great stories to follow, as our team members take time to listen, engage in meaningful conversations with residents, and continue to bring joy and fun to their work environment.

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