Congratulations to Kara Freeman of Friendship Village of South Hills

February 28, 2023

in Community News

Friendship Village of South Hills Skilled Nursing Lifestyle Lead Kara Freeman has received Eversound’s January award for altruism. The community partners with Eversound to provide solutions for hearing-impaired residents.

Kara learned she won via a Facebook post. Eversound Customer Success Manager Corryne Bistarkey announced Kara was an Eversound Champion.

“Kara and her team are absolute rockstars. They provide a support system for each other, not only for Eversound but for their work in general. Also, they’re a great support system for their residents,” Corryne said.

Kara was surprised, but she is grateful for the nomination and being awarded. She also appreciates what Eversound allows her to do for hearing-impaired residents. She feels that she and her team have been able to provide residents a better quality of life. The community uses Eversound at small and large programs, such as rosary and worship services, social gatherings, music events, and fitness classes. The technology has been beneficial to residents with hearing deficits, especially when communicating with others. One of Kara’s favorite moments with Eversound occurred when a Friendship Village of South Hills resident was able to hear her children’s voices.

“Our very first resident that used Eversound had not heard her children in 10 years. During a FaceTime call, the entire family wept. After all those years, their mother could finally hear and communicate with them,” she said. “We love the quality of life and dignity that Eversound has enabled us to give back to our residents at Friendship Village of South Hills!”

Congratulations, Kara! Thank you for delivering personalized experiences to our residents and finding solutions that create meaningful moments!

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