Progress in Fostering Team Member Engagement

September 17, 2018

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As with residents, Lifespace Communities conducts an annual engagement survey with team members to gauge satisfaction within the organization. The survey offers team members an opportunity to share their perceptions and expectations of their workplace environment and respective career experiences. Overall participation in this year’s survey was high, with 93 percent of team members responding. Friendship Village of Bloomington, Harbour’s Edge, The Waterford, and the home office were standouts with participation rates of 100 percent each.

“We’re committed to fostering environments that make our communities the best places to live and work,” explained Terese Juntz, senior vice president of people and administration. “As the overseers and givers who create exceptional experiences for our residents, team members play a critical role in achieving a fulfilling environment. This survey is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and explore how we can continue to contribute to their success and well-being.”

Preliminary results indicate a significant increase in the overall engagement score. The score, which measures the level of career engagement at Lifespace, currently sits at 72 percent – a 4 percent improvement over the previous year. Home health team members had the highest engagement score at 82 percent. A key contributing factor to these results is a strong sense of purpose, with 93 percent of team members agreeing that “my job is important in helping the community achieve the company’s mission.” Additionally, 92 percent of respondents had positive perceptions of Lifespace’s mission.

“It’s truly an amazing place,” vouched Eddie Gorvetzian, director of community services at The Waterford. Gorvetzian has been with Lifespace for 11 years, including previously serving as director of hospitality services at Abbey Delray South. “The team members are always fun to be around, which makes ‘working’ much more enjoyable. The residents are absolutely awesome and fun to speak with. They’re knowledgeable and have great experiences they’re always willing to share.”

While these results and sentiments are promising, Lifespace community leaders and the home office realize some areas need improvement. “We’re very proud of our strengths, but nobody’s perfect,” said Juntz, noting that communication, one of the lowest-scoring survey categories, is a primary focus for the organization. “We’re committed to making the necessary positive changes wherever needed, and each of our communities is developing action plans to address any concerns.”

Juntz also pointed to Living Lifespace – an organizationwide culture and training program that aims to align team members toward the same purpose: celebrating the lives of seniors – as an important framework for boosting engagement. Sustaining a professional and vibrant work environment is a key element of the program.

“We believe investing in our people and culture is paramount to our success,” she added. “We’re looking forward to sustaining what we do well and making adjustments based on our survey results. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who participated this year.”

[In photo: (left to right) Registered Nurse Louisanne Fleurissaint, resident Rachel Gold and social services director Nicole Milsted mingle at an event held at Abbey Delray South.]

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