Embracing Feedback

August 15, 2018

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Ensuring residents are satisfied with the services and amenities at their respective communities is a top priority for Lifespace Communities. To measure its success in doing so, the organization conducts an annual resident engagement survey to gauge satisfaction and expectations. Preliminary results from this year’s survey, which had a high participation rate of 80 percent, signal a fairly positive impression of community services and offerings.

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone who took the time to share their viewpoint with us,” said Ann Walsh, senior vice president of operations. “We strive for all residents’ voices to be heard and are very happy to see a large majority of them taking part year after year. This feedback is crucial to our continued efforts to advance the living experience for the people we serve.”

One of the strongest-performing survey categories this year was support services, which highlights offerings such as transportation and security. Among all residents, 92 percent indicated a positive impression of these services. This coincided with an 89 percent approval rating for team members. Residents expressed that they felt respected and catered to based on their personal preferences.

Walsh stated, “These results really speak to our team members’ unrelenting passion for seniors. They give us further motivation to keep going above and beyond in providing quality, personalized care and support for residents.”

Key improvements were also seen across various categories. Most notably, culinary services saw a 5 percent increase in favorability when compared to 2017, indicating that Lifespace’s recent effort to evolve its dining experience through its partnership with Thomas Cuisine Management is making a difference. Other significant improvements include perceptions of community leadership and the home office, both of which rose by 3 percentage points. Additionally, there was a 3 percent gain in the number of residents who stated they would “gladly recommend my senior living community as a place to live.”

Resident Linda Campbell of Claridge Court, who serves as resident council president, expressed satisfaction with her experience at the community. “The team here really goes out of their way to make our lives as comfortable as possible, and you can tell the training is great,” she said. A child of a dietician, Campbell also had glowing remarks for Claridge Court’s culinary offerings. “The food has traditionally been very good here and I have a lot of appreciation for what the dining team does. Our executive chef is wonderful and committed to making sure we’re pleased and catered to according to our health and dietary needs.”

Walsh explained that Lifespace is keen on consistently making improvements.

She said, “Our resident engagement surveys not only show us what we’re doing well, but they also guide us to what we can improve on. We firmly believe that we can always be better, and we’re working diligently to make enhancements whenever and wherever needed.”

[In the photo: Ann Walsh interacts with Village on the Green resident Stan Goldstein at a community event earlier this year.]

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