Lifespace Communities to Adopt New Electronic Health Record System

May 17, 2018

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As part of Lifespace Communities’ continued efforts to streamline the care it provides for seniors, the organization is adopting PointClickCare®, a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system, at all 12 of its communities. The platform enables senior living providers to coordinate and collaborate more efficiently by using a single record for each resident across all levels of living.

“We are excited to take full advantage of this innovative technology,” said Sara Hamm, senior vice president of successful aging & health services at Lifespace. “PointClickCare is a significant upgrade to how we share and access records and information, which will decrease the time and energy we spend inputting data. That empowers team members to spend more quality time with residents.”

Harbour’s Edge and Oak Trace will be the first communities to adopt the system in June 2018. The remaining communities will follow suit in subsequent months. Lifespace anticipates all 12 communities will be fully integrated by November.

“When adopting a new system at this scale, we want to ensure team members have a smooth transition and fully understand the benefits,” explained Hamm. “It is such an important process that touches every resident. A month-to-month rollout schedule also allows us to thoroughly configure the platform at each community.”

Some key PointClickCare features include:

Care Delivery Management – Basic assessments and care plans, medication and nutrition management tools, and encrypted communication applications.

Quality and Compliance – Risk management and incident reporting tools to help address critical issues quickly and efficiently.

Financial Management – Ensures accurate admissions documentation and efficient billing processes.

Hamm also noted there is widespread excitement among team members regarding PointClickCare.

She added, “Many of them have used it at one point or another during their careers, and they recognize the benefits it will bring in terms of caregiving and customer service.”

Nancy Montalvo, director of nursing services at Beacon Hill is one of those team members. Montalvo has nine years of experience using PointClickCare, and she had only positive remarks about the system.

“We are very passionate about seniors and are looking forward to being able to enhance their lives even further,” said Montalvo. “PointClickCare makes it so much easier for both residents and team members to navigate the caregiving process. While residents themselves don’t use the system, they’ll benefit greatly because of the extra care and attention we are able to provide.”

Hamm echoed her sentiment, saying, “Celebrating the lives of seniors involves dedicating as much time and energy as possible to ensure we’re catering to their retirement and caregiving needs. PointClickCare will help us do exactly that.”

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