Taking Talents to the Stage at Lifespace Communities

January 26, 2018

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Sam Krevansky’s adrenaline rises as he takes to the stage for the first time in his life. The retired professor beams as he joins his friends and residents for a tambourine act at the Abbey Delray South talent show.

Krevansky is one of more than 100 residents who found a new talent/hobby after moving into a Lifespace community. Events like these talents shows are held at all 12 communities. Now, he shares his new-found skills with others.

“Everyone has theatrical ambitions,” says Krevansky. “Most of us just go through life not having the time to explore the possibilities. Moving here led to a great opportunity to try new things and enjoy meaningful activities.”

Lifespace Communities provides residents the freedom to live a worry-free lifestyle and try new opportunities they never had the chance (or time) to explore. Recent statistics indicate participating in programs ranging from the performing arts to storytelling can have a wide range of physical and mental benefits, including improved physical health, fewer visits to physicians, improved morale and increased activity.

Krevansky is the producer of the talent show at Abbey Delray South. He started the show nearly three years ago after seeing firsthand the residents’ amazing talents. They sing, tap dance, and play musical instruments, while other residents paint backdrops and even design costumes for the performers.

At Beacon Hill in Lombard, Illinois, the desire for creative expression also involves Lifespace team members. For nearly 30 years, team members have produced and performed a variety show that would make Carol Burnett smile.

“It’s so much fun witnessing what each service team creates every year,” says Polly Blondin, a Beacon Hill receptionist and 17-year show veteran. “We all spend months working on skits and performances in secret to surprise one another. The residents love seeing us work together in a different setting than our daily responsibilities.”

Hours before the performance begins, residents line up with the hope of landing a front row seat. As the opening performance begins, the room is packed with residents.

“We are truly a family here at Beacon Hill,” Blondin says. “Our talent show is a special opportunity for us to bond with one another, but more importantly, we create moments of laughter and enjoyment for our residents.”

(In the photo: In 2017 residents at Abbey Delray South took to the stage to perform songs, dances and skits from Broadway.)

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