Lifespace Team Members Provide Feedback Through Engagement Surveys

September 27, 2017

in Organization News

In senior living and beyond, a key factor to an organization’s success is the level of engagement and satisfaction among its primary stakeholders. It’s the impetus for Lifespace to regularly connect with both residents and team members through surveys to better understand perceptions across its 12 communities. As reported earlier, recent resident surveys showed positive results and excellent opportunities to continue enhancing the culture. Likewise, recent team member surveys also produced encouraging results.

Participation levels were high with 94 percent of team members responding, well above the industry average of 72 percent. It indicates members of the Lifespace family understand the importance of providing feedback to help build upon and propel a positive culture.

Noteworthy findings from the surveys include team members’ overwhelmingly positive perception of residents. It correlates with the positive sentiment residents shared of team members. Beyond the strong bonds between team members and residents, the surveys showed a high level of loyalty to the entire Lifespace organization. A recent example of this was displayed during Hurricane Irma when Lifespace team members took extraordinary actions to ensure the safety, care and welfare for all residents in Florida.

Two other key findings were overall satisfaction and the retention rate of team members. Both remain at a high level and well above industry averages. For organizations that invest so greatly in their people and culture, results like these provide reassurance that measures are in place to help team members feel they are making a difference and are growing.

The “Living Lifespace” culture begins with the actions of dedicated team members, and Lifespace is committed to take an active listening role and stay involved in understanding perspectives from all levels of teams at all locations. Lifespace is appreciative of all thoughts, expressions and ideas. A process for receiving continued feedback from the people an organization values most allows for new ideas to enhance satisfaction and engagement. Consistently measuring key stakeholder perceptions is also a tremendous aid to prove an organization is living its mission. Lifespace hopes this approach continues to yield positive results for the Lifespace experience.

(In the top photo: Gail Wattley, team member at Village on the Green, has a friendly check-in with resident Pat Stillman.)

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