Lifespace Values Resident Engagement and Feedback

August 28, 2017

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Feedback is critical to how Lifespace measures success. Recently, residents had an opportunity to provide input on a number of items, including culinary, leadership and care, to name a few. Overall, Lifespace had high participation, reaching 84 percent across the board. These results will help the organization continue to try to meet resident expectations and fulfill its mission of celebrating the lives of seniors.

Key Takeaways

Lifespace is deeply committed to its culture program, known as “Living Lifespace.” It’s rewarding to see Residents validate that work by rating team members at a high level for satisfaction. Residents cited fairness, dignity and respect as characteristics of the people they interact with each day. Since an organization is a reflection of its people, this was exciting and important to see.

The survey also found that about 30 percent of new residents who choose Lifespace communities are referrals. This was an important finding in the survey results because it demonstrates residents are confident in their choice to live at a Lifespace community and enjoy sharing their experiences with friends.

Organizations who participate in engagement surveys often compare their results with industry benchmarks. Lifespace compared its results and found that the overall satisfaction rate was close to the industry average. In terms of transformative organizations like Lifespace, where renovations and redevelopments are taking place at some or all communities, the results were a bit above the mark.

Next Steps

Senior living, of course, is not one size fits all. Lifespace will continue to analyze survey results at an individual community level and customize action plans accordingly. All feedback is important to the organization and based on the desire of residents to learn more about Lifespace’s strategic plan, various communication efforts are being implemented to help share the organizations vision for the future.

Lifespace will continue to seek feedback on a regular basis for a measured approach to the future. As an organization, Lifespace has led the way in the senior living field for more than 40 years. Ensuring the organization remains in touch with residents in a positive and collaborative way will build the foundation for success over the next 40 years.

(In the photo: Ann Walsh meets with resident Bill Carley at Grand Lodge at the Preserve in Lincoln, Nebraska.)

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