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Coupa is the leading cloud-based, spend management platform that unifies the procure-to-pay business process across a company. (Gartner and Forrester rated Coupa #1 in this category.) Coupa brings e-commerce shopping ease to procurement management processes. For more information on Coupa, please visit their website.

Lifespace Communities will transition our communities and suppliers to the Coupa platform in a series of rollouts that will start on March 21, 2022 and will continue through June 20, 2022. Here is the timeline of when our communities will go live with Coupa:

March 21, 2022: Lifespace home office and Friendship Village of South Hills
April 11, 2022: Claridge Court, Friendship Village of Bloomington, and Querencia
May 2, 2022: Beacon Hill, Newcastle Place, and Oak Trace
May 23, 2022: Abbey Delray, Abbey Delray South, Harbour’s Edge, The Waterford, and Village on the Green
June 13, 2022: Edgemere and The Stayton

If you have questions about using Coupa and/or Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), please email or visit the Coupa Success Portal.

Current Suppliers

Lifespace had a lot of opportunity to improve the user experience for our team members that purchase goods and services, and our accounts payable team needed better tools to support the organization overall. Coupa provides the new tools necessary for our team to scale our work and to improve the user experience.

Yes. We are here to get you invited to the CSP and to support you getting setup to the best of our abilities. We will not be doing manual work when automation and digital options are available.

Please see the resources available here on our “Lifespace for Suppliers” webpage, follow the links, and if you have any questions, you can reach us at

Purchase Orders (POs)

Yes. With the transition to Coupa, Lifespace will institute a purchase order (PO) system. Our teams will now be required to complete a requisition. After this requisition has been reviewed and approved, it becomes a PO. Once the PO has been created, Lifespace will email the PO to the supplier. All suppliers will need to provide a PO submittal email address.

Lifespace’s most preferred method of communication with suppliers is cXML. If your organization has the capability to communicate POs, invoices, and payments via cXML, please reach out to Lifespace at to start that process. Outside of cXML, Lifespace will require either the Coupa Supplier Portal, (CSP), or a managed email address as the form of communication with all suppliers. POs will be emailed or sent to the CSP. Manually providing POs via phone or in-person communication will not be used once we transition to Coupa.

Yes. Each order will have a PO number/code that is a unique number/code tied to all goods and services included in that specific order. All Lifespace POs will begin with a community code as the prefix. For instance, Abbey Delray POs will begin with “AD,” while Edgemere POs will begin with “EDGE.” Orders can be tracked through the process by using the unique PO associated with the order and invoice. The process ends once the PO has been paid by invoice.

The invoices already sent to Concur will not be impacted by the switch to Coupa. As part of the transition from Concur to Coupa, all open invoices and payments will continue their life cycle through Concur until they are paid.

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)

Click here for more information regarding CSP. This provides a variety of written references and video demonstration on CSP topics. The CSP is a free online portal that provides suppliers one location to centrally manage their Lifespace POs, invoice activity, and payment status with Lifespace. The CSP will directly connect the registered suppliers to Lifespace’s Coupa platform, making catalog updates and document transfer immediately available for both the supplier and Lifespace.

You can merge your existing CSP accounts by following these step-by-step instructions. If you provide us with the same admin email account as your CSP accounts for other customers, then your accounts will automatically merge when we send your CSP invitation. Within your account, there will be a drop-down option to flip between existing customers and Lifespace.

There is no charge to use the Coupa Supplier Portal.

Lifespace is still responsible for paying you directly. The payee name on any of our payment methods will not change.

No; a CSP account is not required for you to be able to transact. However, you will still need to have a managed email address to transact with Lifespace and to manage POs, invoices, and correspondence from that email account. Without a CSP account, you won’t be able to manage content and settings on a customer-by-customer basis, including viewing purchase orders, creating catalogs, sending invoices, and advance ship notices (ASNs), checking the status of transactions, and more.

Yes. If you received a CSP invite from Lifespace, you have up to 30 days to complete your CSP profile with the provided link. You can expect the invite to come from

If you would like to invoice using cXML, please contact Lifespace Coupa Support ( for further information and to begin the cXML setup process.


Please refer to the go-live dates previously shared in this document. If the invoice is sent after the go live date for the respective community, please send the invoice to Coupa.

Suppliers should submit their invoices through Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) for Coupa. If you have elected not to create a CSP account, invoices can be sent to an email address that will be provided before Lifespace goes live with Coupa.

Payment Types and Terms

Yes. We will offer virtual credit card and ACH as our forms of payment. Paper checks will no longer be an acceptable form of payment after July 1, 2022.

Lifespace’s standard pay terms for virtual credit card and ACH will be net 30. All pay terms are negotiable if a supplier is willing to offer early pay discounts. As part of supplier onboarding, the supplier can request their preferred pay terms. Lifespace will select all final pay terms once the onboarding process is complete.

Tax Exemptions

Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin.


Still have questions? Email: