Natallia Futrell Joins Lifespace Communities as Chief Clinical Officer

April 18, 2024

in Organization News

Lifespace Communities announced that Natallia Futrell joined the senior living organization as chief clinical officer on April 8. Futrell will lead the ongoing delivery of high-quality care and healthcare services across the organization and play a pivotal part in developing models of care for the future. She will also serve as a business partner to operational leaders.

“Throughout her career, Natallia has proven she can effectively deliver exceptional clinical care to her patients and residents and that as a servant leader, her guidance and support empowers the team to perform at high levels,” said Brian Robbins, Lifespace Communities chief operating officer. “Her drive for excellence, commitment to providing best-in-class care, and empowering others aligns with our Living Lifespace culture, where we create environments where each person can thrive.”

Futrell has extensive experience in leading clinical operations and developing and implementing multidimensional systems to produce positive outcomes for patients and organizations. Prior to Lifespace, Futrell led clinical services and operations for Trinity Healthcare and StoneGate Senior Living. Additionally, she has hands-on experience as a nurse in critical care and acute trauma at Yale New Haven Hospital and Hartford Healthcare. Her progressive career experiences position her well to advance Lifespace’s aspiration to operationalize transformative care models of the future.

“As a leader in clinical operations, I feel it’s important to drive positive outcomes for the people I serve through the application of proactive, evidence-based standards of care. This environment also attracts and retains the next generation of healthcare providers,” said Futrell. “Seeing providers become excellent in what they do, evolve to meet the customer’s changing needs, and develop in their career brings me joy. As a leader, I feel responsible for providing my team with opportunities to grow and the resources to perform at the highest level to be successful.”

Futrell earned both her Master of Science in Nursing Administration and Management and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Hartford. She will also serve as a member of the Lifespace Senior Leadership Team.

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