Lifespace Experiences Uptick in Team Member Engagement

January 7, 2020

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For three consecutive years, Lifespace Communities has attained significant gains in team member engagement, according to data gathered through the Team Member Annual Engagement Survey, which measures overall satisfaction within the organization. Lifespace received an overall team member engagement score of 76% in 2019, an 11.7% increase since 2017.

“Happy and engaged team members lead to delighted and fulfilled residents, which is why our engagement survey is such an important tool,” said Terese Juntz, Lifespace senior vice president of people and administration. “Based on the results we receive, we’re able to identify areas that we can improve to create a more engaging work environment. We’re extremely thankful to all the team members who willingly participate in the survey and provide us with valuable feedback.”

With a participation rate of 89% in 2019, the survey is a highly accurate representation of team member sentiment, according to Juntz. Nearly all team members reported a high level of career engagement – 95% of survey participants agreed their job is vital in helping their community achieve the company mission, 91% had a clear understanding of the organization’s culture, and 93% indicated a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.

William Blake, director of lifestlye at Beacon Hill, is one of many team members who are representative of these promising results. “Beacon Hill truly has the motto I follow and urge my residents to follow daily: Live life to the fullest,” said Blake, who has 18 years of overall health care experience. “Residents enjoy new and exciting adventures, as well as building a community that cares for each other. The team members show true compassion and enjoy coming to work daily. Beacon Hill is more than a senior living community; we’re a family of professionals that serve each other as we do our residents and guests.”

While Lifespace performed well in most survey categories, leadership and communication are the top areas needing improvement. However, both categories saw a 3% increase in satisfaction when compared to 2018. SMART action plans (improvement plans with goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound) are being developed and implemented to address these areas.

Already in the works is an organizationwide intranet technology platform that will connect team members to work‐relevant information and each other. The platform will function much like a social media site. Home office leaders will also continue their year-round community visits to boost engagement and collaboration.

“We won’t be satisfied until our engagement scores are high across the board,” said Juntz. “It’s a very ambitious goal, and we want to exceed expectations. Team members are the heart of the great services and care we provide residents, so we want to make sure they feel fulfilled working at our Lifespace communities.”

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