Lifespace Communities to Add Resident to Board of Directors

October 25, 2018

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At its October 2018 annual meeting, the Lifespace Board of Directors was pleased to announce the addition of a board position designated for a resident. The new board position is open to residents from Lifespace communities, with plans to fill the position in April 2019.

“The resident perspective is very important in our communications and in making decisions, so we’re excited to add a resident to our board,” said Sloan Bentley, Lifespace president and CEO. “We believe including residents on our board is a best practice and will enhance collaboration between leadership and the people we serve now and in the years to come.”

Like other board members, the new resident representative will have full voting rights. Criteria for the role include residency at a Lifespace community for at least two years; executive leadership roles during career tenure; service as a board member for not-for-profit or volunteer organizations; and knowledge of highly regulated industries such as medical, finance and governmental affairs.

Additionally — like other board members — residents interested in the position will undergo a comprehensive selection process:

  1. Residents must complete an application in full and submit it by Nov. 16, 2018. The position description and application forms are available at each community’s administration office.
  2. Lifespace has retained a board recruiter who will review all applications, as has been the practice for all vacant board seats. Finalists will be selected and forwarded to the Lifespace Board Governance and Nominating Committee.
  3. The committee will select finalists for second-round, in-person interviews slated for January 2019.
  4. The committee will select the final resident candidate.
  5. The final resident candidate will attend the February 2019 board meeting as a guest and will attend board orientation sessions.
  6. Formal selection of the resident board member will occur at the April 2019 board meeting, pending approvals from all required background checks.

Resident Ronald Schwartz of Harbour’s Edge, a passionate advocate of this new direction, expressed excitement and appreciation for Lifespace’s receptiveness. “I appreciate the board’s effort to incorporate resident involvement in its activities,” he said. “I think this step will make Lifespace a stronger and more effective organization.”

Bentley was equally enthused. “An important quality we look for in our board is passion and devotion to seniors, and who better exemplifies that than our own residents,” she said. “The new resident board member will add a unique firsthand perspective that will be invaluable in serving our communities. We’re looking forward to their contributions.”


[In the photo: Attendees mingle at the 2018 Lifespace Board of Directors annual meeting.]

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