Music to His Ears: Hearing Loss No Obstacle for Talented Resident George Geiser

Category: Community

When George Geiser was a teenager, he faced two obstacles that might have kept him from ever taking the piano seriously. For starters, he struggled with learning to read sheet music. He tried to take lessons, but it didn’t work for him. Then, by age 14, severe hearing loss began to set in. For most of us, that would have been the end of the piano, but George found that he had a special talent that kept him in the game.

“There was something about sheet music that just didn’t work for me,” George says. “If I was going to be involved in music, there had to be another way.”

The other way George found was that he was able to hear the notes and instinctively teach himself to play. Thanks to advancements in hearing aid technology over the years, he’s never looked back. Now, at 95, his passion for playing is as strong as ever. Step inside Friendship Village of South Hills, and there’s a good chance you’ll see George tickling the ivories and hear music fill the air. He still enjoys playing for sing-alongs, and a visit to Friendship Village or George’s apartment there is sure to be a musical one.

“Music has brought a lot of joy to my life,” George says. “Hopefully, it’s brought joy to other lives as well.”