Love Knows No Age

Category: Community

Love is in the air at Friendship Village of South Hills, and it’s a bit of an unlikely tale.

Before they ever met, residents Nancy Bucy and Gil Miller had wonderful lives. Both were married for more than 60 years to partners they cherished and, when those partners passed away, neither gave a thought to ever finding love again. Sometimes, however, fate has other plans. Fate, and some good conversation at the pub.

“I met Gil here at Friendship Village of South Hills,” says Nancy. “What started as friendly conversation while enjoying good at drinks at the community’s pub has turned into romance. I never saw it coming.”

Gil agrees.

“We had so much in common right from the very start,” he says. “She’s someone that I love very much. We have fun together.”

The bonds of love have extended to Nancy and Gil’s respective families, as well.

“My daughter really thinks of Gil as a stepdad,” says Nancy. “We weren’t sure how our kids would react to our relationships, but it’s been so positive. It just goes to show that love knows no age.”

The pair has also done a bit of traveling together, including a community organized trip to Niagara Falls. From here, each says the sky is the limit.

“We both chose Friendship Village because it provides everything we need to live a worry-free retirement,” says Gil. “So, we’re truly just enjoying every day right. Every moment is lived to the fullest.”

“I’ve got a man that I love, great friends here at the community and zero worries about the future,” Nancy says. “We’re going to live each day with joy.”

In recognition of Valentine’s Day and the Lifespace National Holiday, residents and staff at Friendship Village of South Hills took part in various celebrations of the Lifespace culture. Nancy and Gil joined their fellow residents in celebrating love and laughter at Friendship Village.