Steady, Get, Blow

Steady, Get, Grow

We call it “uniquely liberating.” You’ll call it “mine.” Acquitted from cooking and discharged from chores, your life suddenly includes lovely large blocks of time to concentrate on the “independent” part of “independent life.” Paint – and not by numbers. Write – more than text or even letters. Design – dance moves, letter fonts, hybrid peas, jewelry – whatever moves you. Then build, get input, redesign and rebuild. And step by step, inch by inch, watch the new you emerge.

Expand your taste

Expand your taste

Invent your own version of Europe’s “slow food” revolution. Start with drinks and hors d’oeuvres in the wine bar and piano lounge. For dinner, move to the action-kitchen dining room or the fresh new pub and sports bar — and of course, there’s always the Atrium Cafe with patio dining. “Slow food” gives you time to savor good conversation, great food, and your favorite cocktail with friends.

Build your own bridges Build your own bridges Build your own bridges

Build your own bridges

Here’s everything you need, when you need it. After all, life here isn’t just simpler, it’s a whole lot better.

Your choice of spacious 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom senior apartments or a 2-bedroom Carriage Home, free from chores, repairs or upkeep.

Garages, easy-access parking and scheduled transportation, because sometimes you’d rather Jeeves bring the Bentley around so you can ride in style (sorry, it’s not really a Bentley). And that, by golly is what we mean by services & amenities.

“What-tickles-your-fancy?” open-kitchen dining room, or outdoor patio and café. Take a gander at our sample menu … and get hungry.

Golf next door or, when you’d rather not putt, check out the films in our Village Theater, or the musicals, plays and lectures in the St. Clair Performing Arts Center – it’s worth dressing up for. Get the picture of people in action when you visit our Photo Gallery.

With neighbors every bit as smart, curious and interesting as you are, plus places like the library, workshop, art studio, billiards and computer rooms, and gardens in which to meet folks, strike up conversations and spark friendships … you better believe there’s lots happening. See our Activities Calendar.

Aforementioned sports franchises, Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art and scads of other museums and galleries – hey! It’s Pittsburgh! Who’s up for a jaunt to Primanti Bros? Find your bearings on our location with the satellite view.

New pub & sports bar with Steelers, Pirates and Penguins on TV, and newly expanded Fitness Center so you can challenge yourself to move beyond the couch and TV sports. What else is new? See the news.

24/7 security to put a giant piece of peace in your peace of mind.

Get in touch with your intellectual, spiritual, physical and social capabilities … and live well with an integrated plan for goal-focused living.

Stretch your mind Stretch your mind

Stretch your mind

Pittsburgh is the phoenix that rose from its smoky past to be seen as the gem that it is, a city with world-class museums, serious sports fans, Ivy League theater and a bike trail clear to Washington, DC. So grab your gear – game-day passes, theater tickets, library cards ‘n bike shorts – and let’s go have fun!

Improve your game

Improve your game

Florida is for the (snow)birds. Pittsburgh enjoys 4 lovely seasons, yet it’s so relatively temperate that folks just 90 miles north call Pittsburgh the “Florida of Pennsylvania.” With 73 beautiful acres for walks, plus free golf till noon at Frosty Valley Golf Links at your front door, you can exercise eye/hand coordination and personal ethics together with major muscle groups every morning.