Friendship Village of South Hills Residents Have Been Friends ‘Forever’

Category: Resident Features

picEight decades ago, when Millie Staub and Genevieve Jarvis first met on the playground in grade school, selecting the perfect retirement community was almost certainly not on their minds. All these years later, however, Millie and Genevieve have gone from attending the same school to living at Friendship Village of South Hills, with a lifetime of treasured memories connecting them!

“It doesn’t seem like we’ve been friends as long as we have,” says Millie. “The time has flown by, which is what they say happens when you’re having fun.”

Nothing, not marriage to their husbands, nor the great distance they once lived apart from one another, has had any impact on this beautiful friendship.

“We make each other laugh,” Genevieve says. “We’re always smiling, and I can’t remember us ever having a fight.”

They may not have been seeking a retirement community in grade school, but it’s safe to say that Friendship Village of South Hills has been the perfect fit, thanks in part to the peace of mind provided by Life Care, and has the perfect name for two lifelong companions. To learn more about how Friendship Village of South Hills can foster or grow friendships in your life, visit our Events page.