Meet Robin Leland

Category: Community Life

When most people talk about starting a family, it typically involves anywhere from two to a handful of children. Resident Robin Leland isn’t most people. She has been a mother to over 100 foster children!

Robin says she stopped counting at 103, and her foster kids have ranged in age from 11 months old to a 17-year-old who was pregnant with her own child at the time. While many of those children came from challenging circumstances, Robin says they gave her more than she could ever give in return. She’s stayed in touch with many, while others may have been too young to even remember her.

May is National Foster Care Month, as well as home to Mother’s Day, and it’s been a time for Robin to reflect on the many wonderful children she’s cared for over the years.

“They say nothing is stronger than a mother’s love and that’s been very true in my experience,” Robin said. “Taking care of children was one of the greatest joys of my life. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.”

Today, Robin enjoys a vibrant, purpose-driven lifestyle at Village on the Green. She says that Life Care has afforded her the peace of mind to pursue her many passions.