Life. Get your fill.

Life. Get your fill.

Smack-dab in the middle, surrounded by others as eager as you to make something happen, ready to laugh, learn and grow — that’s your style. Wide-open living. Plenty of freedom and opportunity. Your own pace. For who you are and what you want, this is a good fit. Jump in and get your fill.

Answer, Answer,

Answer, "Great!"

“How’re you?” anybody asks, and you answer “Great!” every time, because you are, no matter what. In this community, you can rely on friends and a terrific staff to help out with whatever you need — or invite you to join them in their adventures. It makes for a thoughtful, caring group of people who can help you make every day great.

Whaddya get? Whaddya get? Whaddya get?

Whaddya get?

Whaddya want? Life’s loaded here, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask.

Get a load of these apartment home floor plans – seriously, they’re huge. Got grand pianos for your Grand Lodge home? No problem. Life-size plush toy wooly mammoths? Cool.

We offer a full load of services & amenities – even including scheduled transportation so you can feel like a big shot riding in the back seat – and get to wherever you need to go.

Load your plate 3 times daily with delicious choices – and take your pick of dining venues. Look at a sample menu … but fair warning: It might make you hungry.

Take a load off on our lovely little campus – which has just enough green space to feel like a whole different world. View pictures to get the feel.

Hop on the scheduled transportation with your loaded gym bag and go stay fit with your Madonna ProActive Membership. Working out there looks like this.

Possibility-loaded location – near town’s edge, golf, politics, Huskers and Lincoln entertainment. Get a satellite’s view of this neighborhood.

Loads and loads of action scheduled daily In fact, you’re surrounded by down-to-earth neighbors who love high-flying adventures.

24/7 security so your peace of mind will be loaded with peace.

Review your intellectual, spiritual, physical and social load capacity … and live well with an integrated plan for goal-focused living.

Speak up.

Speak up.

You want what you want. And ours is the senior living choice built around, well, choice. So we offer a wide range. But those aren’t your only possibilities. Truth is, you can speak up for whatever you want — for breakfast, for the day, for the rest of your life. And then count on us, because we’ll build bridges, do the heavy lifting and even slay Midwestern dragons when you point ‘em out. Just speak up.

Think big.

Think big.

Dreaming permitted. The days are yours, and if there’s something you’ve never gotten around to, something you’d like to try, or just a routine of satisfying adventures you’d like to maintain, go right ahead. You’re free of homeownership chores. You’re friendship-rich. You’re unworried. You’re all set to focus on what matters most to you. Write a book, write a song, right a wrong. Go on. Think big.