Grand Lodge Honors Veterans With Film, Food and Festivities

Category: Community Life

From Valley Forge to Afghanistan, and every threat to freedom along the way, our veterans have never hesitated to defend the United States. Grand Lodge at the Preserve paused to honor service men and women over the course of several days surrounding Veterans Day, as a small token of appreciation to heroes.

A private showing of the film The Monuments Men kicked things off the night before the official holiday, and a gourmet meal of chicken, prime rib and other savory dishes, was served the following afternoon, on Veterans Day. After lunch, a special “Veterans’ Stories” event was held, which included touching stories of heroism and sacrifice, told by veterans and their families.

Throughout the afternoon and evening, special display tables showcased photographs of men and women in uniform, and a chapel service provided prayer, reflection and patriotic music.

“Those who have served and those who continue to serve our nation deserve a special place in our hearts,” said Lisa Henning, Grand Lodge Executive Director. “The least we can do is take a few days each year to celebrate who they are and what it truly means to be a veteran.”

The celebration continued the following day with a musical performance from Melissa Rahorst, Servicewoman with the Army National Guard, and was followed by a social hour with more music and singing, led by Jean Patoka, Grand Lodge music leader.

Grand Lodge at the Preserve is honored to be the home of a number of veterans who served our nation with selflessness and honor. While Veterans Day should always be a time to pause and reflect on these heroes, the community believes that every day is a good day to thank a service member, current or retired.