Claridge Court Resident Makes Religious Gifts from Nature

Category: Giving Back

If you attend 1 of 16 lucky Kansas City-area parishes, there’s a chance your crucifix was made by Bob Cunningham.

Bob has made hundreds of unique, handmade, decorative crucifixes. It all started when he found a flyer advertising a local church’s need for rosaries and crucifixes, and decided to help. He felt a calling to do something for others, and he knew he could do it by working with his hands.

Bob makes the crucifixes from materials he finds while going on walks outside Claridge Court. He uses twigs and large sticks to create the cross, and then uses stones, pebbles or pieces of concrete to create the base of the crucifix, before adding a miniature Jesus figure. Each handmade crucifix stands about a foot high, and Bob donates them to friends, Catholic groups and even to prisons in addition to local churches.

At the community, Bob gets special requests from fellow residents and staff members for his homemade crucifixes. One community team member even brings hers into work every day, making sure she always has it with her. Claridge Court. Bob Cunningham 1