The Waterford Salutes Resident Veterans

Category: Community Life

This Veterans Day, The Waterford honors all who have served our country, and pays special tribute to the many resident veterans who live at the community. One of those is Beth Welles who was a Marine well before it was common to be a female Marine. She didn’t see combat, of course. When she served our country during World War II, that still wasn’t allowed. It also wasn’t easy to serve stateside, and Welles was one of the roughly 33% of female enlistees who made it through basic training and on to a life in service to their country.

Beth says her family’s long history of military service inspired her to join, and she recalls no one questioning her decision, even though females in the military weren’t as common in those days.

At The Waterford, Beth happens to be the only resident who is former Marine. On November 19, she’ll be taking an Honor Flight to the nation’s capital. The Honor Flight program allows former Veterans of World War II to visit Washington, taking in all the sights, including the National World War II Museum. Her friends at The Waterford have rallied around her, and plan to welcome her back with pride.

Her fellow residents say it’s an honor to live amongst such extraordinary people at the community.

Regarding women in the military today, Beth says she’s glad to see progress being made. She says she cares deeply about the men and women who serve our country today, as she did many years ago.