The Waterford Launches Masterpiece Living

Category: Community Life

With research to back it up, science has a few things to say about whether we’ll continue to live active, passionate lives as we age. With that in mind, The Waterford announces the launch of a time-tested, proven aging initiative, known as Masterpiece Living®. The Juno Beach retirement community officially implemented the research-based approach on Monday, June 20, as a means of expanding its commitment to offering seniors an active, engaged and purposeful retirement.

Masterpiece Living has invested more than 14 years in the research, study and development of individuals’ passions related to four specific components of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual and social. It’s based on research from the MacArthur Foundation Study, which found that 70% of how we age is determined by our lifestyle, versus only 30% determined by genetics.

Residents who take part in Masterpiece Living begin by taking a detailed survey known as a “Lifestyle Review.” The review is a quantitative scoring system to measure their current level of passion, participation and progress in each of the four wellness components.

“Independence is the most important aspect of why our residents choose to live at our community,” said Scott Nield, Executive Director at The Waterford. “We’ve worked hard to create a culture that fosters that independent spirit, and provides every opportunity for seniors to remain self-reliant for as long as possible. Implementing Masterpiece Living demonstrates that commitment.”

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