Resident Berman Patterson Still Loves a Love Song

Category: Community Life

In the fabulous 50s, doo-wop groups belted out love songs from the stage, and a generation of post-war teens got a taste of what would become the roots of rock ‘n’ roll. Berman Patterson, who founded the group known as The Cleftones, is still loving life years after his success on the Billboard charts. The resident of The Waterford has a keen ear for a great act.

“I’m part of the round table entertainment committee here at The Waterford,” says Berman. “We’re responsible for finding various acts to perform for our fellow residents. We solicit, contract and bring them in. It’s a great way to continue my life-long love affair with music.”

It’s a love affair that’s spanned several decades, and included a stint on the Billboard Top 20 in 1961 for the hit song; “Heart and Soul.” The Cleftones’ music has also been featured in movies such as American Graffiti, Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale.

After The Beatles changed the landscape of rock in the mid-‘60s, Berman continued on with a successful solo career; following the break-up of The Cleftones.

Recently, Berman returned to the stage for a short performance as part of a show he organized for residents. Those who attended say they loved it.

“Doo-wop has withstood the test of time,” Berman says. “It naturally puts you in a good mood and makes you feel like getting up and dancing with your sweetheart.”

Love was in the air recently at The Waterford, both for Valentine’s Day and for the observance of the Lifespace National Holiday. Berman says he enjoys the culture at The Waterford, where he and his wife are involved in many activities.