Life gives you a lot of things to think about – where and how you’ll receive care shouldn’t be one of them. The Waterford Health Center sets a higher standard for Juno Beach, Florida senior care, so you can enjoy each day with confidence and comfort. And thanks to Life Care, you’ll always have assured priority access to on-site care, if and when you need it.

A promise for life; a life full of promise.

A promise for life; a life full of promise.

In case you need it, your plan’s in place and you can rely on our guarantee of continuing care. Freed from many of the anxieties and worries that make the future uninviting your purpose-driven life naturally reaches a higher level of productivity, and you may be able to maintain that pace for a longer time. So relax and enjoy your retirement at The Waterford.

This is your invitation to come as a couple.

Getting Life Care now gets you priority access to skilled nursing care on our campus, should you ever need it. The marvelous part is that the total cost will be about the same, even if one of you is in skilled nursing and the other continues to live in your independent living residence. No matter how long, the invitation stands.

Life Care

  • Saves money
  • Manages medical costs
  • Guarantees care throughout your life


Questions about our Palm Beach County senior care community? Call The Waterford at 1.888.335.1678.