Retiring? The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Iowa

Category: Senior Living

When most people think about their retirement, they probably picture heading somewhere with warm weather, miles of sandy beaches and endless, sunny skies. However, several recent studies have revealed there are more benefits than one might think to trading in your flip flops for snow boots and heading to the Midwest to retire.

The Perks of Retiring in Iowa

Iowa has always been a great state for families. Des Moines, the state’s capitol, is a fast-growing city full of unique culture, there’s a great educational system, friendly neighbors, low crime rates and very little traffic. While there is, of course, a lot of farmland (recent estimates confirm there are over 88,000 farms across the state), Iowa offers much more than farming to residents, with lots of job opportunities in all kinds of fields. The unemployment rate is well-below the national average at 5.7 percent.

Those who live here often plan on staying here, and with good reason. In addition, Iowa consistently pops up on several of those “best places to retire” lists. Why? Here are five reasons to think about retiring in Iowa:

  1. The cost of living is low. One of the biggest pulls for Iowa retirement is the low cost of living the state offers, which is nearly 11 percent below the national average. The median home cost is around $115,000, and as an added benefit, social security income is not taxed.
  2. It’s easy to stay socially active. Iowa has a large population of older residents, which means your peers are always nearby. You’ll find it easy to make friends and get involved in a variety of activities, from golfing or volunteering to enjoying a night out at the theater.
  3. You can enjoy all four seasons. There’s something to be said about enjoying a walk on a crisp fall day, cozying up under a blanket watching the snow fall, smelling the air in the spring as the flowers start to bloom, and basking in the sunshine on a warm summer day. In Iowa, all four seasons are magnificent.
  4. Enjoy better health and longevity. A recent survey revealed that Ames, Iowa is the healthiest city in the entire country. Residents here enjoy a higher level of both physical and mental health, leading to better, more vibrant lifestyles than those in other areas of the U.S.
  5. Plenty of places to explore. Contrary to some popular beliefs, Iowa is not completely flat and full of cornfields. In fact, the northeast corner of the state provides some of the absolute best hiking and outdoor opportunities in the country in the Mississippi Delta region, with its beautiful rolling hills. Plus, there are over a thousand lakes throughout the state to enjoy a long, quiet day of fishing.

Enjoy Retirement in Urbandale, Iowa at Deerfield Retirement Community

One study in particular named Urbandale as one of the top five cities in Iowa for retirement. Like the rest of the state, cost of living is low in this suburb of Des Moines, and there are over 850 acres of parks, 39 miles of trails and a new river walk.

Come see why Iowa is a great place to retire! Deerfield Retirement Community in Urbandale offers a variety of independent living options with supportive health care services for a full continuum of care, along with an array of services and amenities for an enriching lifestyle. To learn more or to schedule a personal tour, please contact us today.