Vital, purpose-driven and unique, you’re the very person you were born to be. So when health concerns upset your routine, you’ll want health services that treat your ailments without sidelining the real you. For you, there’s Life Care, the most comprehensive plan for protecting yourself from the costs of long-term care. With Life Care, you can be sure people you already know and trust will deliver the highest quality of care available. And that’s just what the real you deserves.

Find out how Life Care can be a smart plan for owning your future.

What’s special about the Deerfield Health Center?

What’s special about the Deerfield Health Center?

We’re not a “home.” We’re a whole neighborhood of homes in which many people independently seek their full measure of joy. And on the campus where individuality and distinctiveness reign, you also find Deerfield Health Center. It’s just the spot for real people actively engaged in being themselves, who need a little help to keep it that way.

Life Care: the right idea for a retirement community.

As part of Deerfield’s quality senior care, our 24-hour nursing staff looks after residents’ needs and helps the healing with professional, respectful and genuine care. As a Life Care CCRC (continuing care retirement community), we add the senior care you need to get the most out of every day, no matter what those needs may be or may become in the future.

Life Care, smart and simple.

Cost-managed, predictable and guaranteed — Life Care promises a lifetime of care to active, independent residents who are guaranteed priority access to residential care and nursing care in our Health Center. Costs are predictable, quality is certain and confidence is yours.

  • Lifetime of care, guaranteed
  • Managed costs
  • Remain near friends


The Urbandale Life Care continuing care retirement community — where care is real. Download our Life Care fact sheet for answers and insights.