Trio of Delray Beach Senior Living Communities Compete in Weight Loss Challenge

Category: Community Life

Three Lifespace communities joined forces to shed the pounds this year in a friendly biggest loser competition. Sixty-five residents, from Abbey Delray, Abbey Delray South and Harbour’s Edge, participated in the fitness program, proving that you’re never too old to take on a new challenge.

Mike Schmidt, Abbey Delray South fitness director, launched the weight loss challenge last year as a new way to help seniors get fit at the community. After great reviews, and more than 150 total pounds lost, Abbey Delray and Harbour’s Edge decided they wanted a piece of the weight loss challenge. The participants even took on team names: The Castaweighs, Slim Jims and Skinny Hips.

 After 10 weeks of exercising, learning healthy eating and cutting the calories, the teams lost over 300 pounds. Experience proved beneficial for the Abbey Delray South team, as they took the crown as the biggest losers.