See yourself. See yourself.

See yourself.

Do whatever you want. You’ll fit right in among the planners and dreamers who thrive on opportunities. In fact, you could describe our lifestyle as simply “Yours.” Your style, your choices, your way. So be yourself.

In the pink. In the pink.

In the pink.

So now that you have the free days and nights you’ve always wanted, swing for the fences, aim for the moon and shoot for the stars. If you have a dream unsought, seek it with your whole heart – because with senior living at Abbey Delray South, we’ll support you all the way.

In the pink.
In clover. In clover. In clover.

In clover.

Comfortable, curious, happy, and getting what you need, when you need it. After all, life here isn’t just simpler, it’s a whole lot better.

An easy-living alcove, 1- or 2-bedroom apartment home, or a garden home close to the heart of the community – free from utilities, maintenance, upkeep and housekeeping.

Bountiful services & amenities – even including assigned parking (carport or built-in garage) and convenient scheduled transportation when you’d rather have Jeeves drive.

Your choice – see a sample menu – every day of a quick bite in the Oasis Lounge, may-I-take-your-order dining, or alfresco dining overlooking the gardens and walking paths.

Beautifully landscaped grounds and covered walkways for energizing jogs, brisk walks, leisurely saunters and slow, thoughtful strolls. It’s the stuff a great Photo Gallery is made of, don’t you think?

A full calendar of activities of all kinds, with opportunities for genuine service, quality diversions, rich relationships, and old-fashioned fun. Here you can pursue your agenda – or simply compete at top-tier poker, putting or poetry slams.

All the reasons to love Delray Beach: nicely situated between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale with Dolphins and Panthers both less than an hour away. Check out the satellite view! And didja know we’re the site where 2005’s “In Her Shoes” was shot? That’s right. We’ve been in the movies!

Newsworthy kindness. Late-breaking adventures. Live-at-6 updates. When there’s so much happening all the time, you can feel it … and you can read about it on our News page.

24/7 security for round-the-clock reassurance that you’re safe from anything out there at all hours. Sharks on bicycles, UFOs, stampedes at 2 a.m.? We got it. You’re fine. Now go back to bed.

Get in touch with your intellectual, spiritual, physical and social capabilities … and live well with an integrated plan for goal-focused living.

Well in hand.

Well in hand.

One theory has it that your dominant personality trait corresponds to your dominant finger. Ergo, your thumb is stronger, you’re naturally intrepid, and will love the pool, the driving range and the putting green. Forefinger dominates? Modern personality, at home in the computer lab. Middle finger is as long as your forefinger? You’re drawn to vintage things; think billiards, cards and even arts & crafts. The ring finger relates to romance, and we should perhaps mention our covered walkways – and massage therapy. And if you’ve always preferred your pinky, you’re a naturally elegant soul, likely at home in the library. Regardless, we have nooks (or ballrooms) that’ll fit you like a glove. And you’ll have this entire senior living thing well in hand.

In the stars.

In the stars.

Remember when you were a kid, the classic magic trick, “Pick a card, any card”? Well, if you’re looking for fascinating dinner partners over a blogworthy meal, every night is “Pick a table, any table,” and at every table, you win – whether you choose to eat outdoors overlooking the gardens, in the dining room, or more casually in the Oasis Lounge. What’s more, chances are excellent that your dinner companions are equally delighted to be seated with you.