From Rio to Delray Beach

Category: Community Life

Abbey Delray South residents got into the Summer Olympics spirit by hosting their own Olympic games. Residents had the chance to go for gold and squared off in a variety of events to compete for the grand prize as ultimate Abbey Delray South Olympian.

Around 50 residents participated in a number of events including shuffleboard, pickleball, darts, broomball racing, golf, and more.

Fitness Director Mike Schmidt has put on the event for five years, and he says the summer games in Rio helped boost resident participation as they’re embracing the Olympic spirit.

This program is unique to Abbey Delray South, and residents say the community’s Life Care offering gives them the ability to stay active throughout their retirement with events like this.

After a long competition, a male and female were named “Athletes of the Year.” This year the awards went to residents Al Perman, and third-year champion, Nancy Gunther.

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In the photo, from (L to R): Fitness Director Mike Schmidt, and residents Nancy Gunther, Arlene Mendozza, Ruth Heller, Ken Brehm and Al Perlman.