Abbey Delray South Resident Strikes a Chord with Successful Aging

Category: Community Life

Conventional knowledge suggests we learn better as children, but experts say – and Yakov Ever is proving – that people certainly can and do learn at any age. In his mid-80s, this resident at Abbey Delray South always wanted to learn a musical instrument. Of all things, he picked up an instrument that itself is seeing a revitalization of sorts, the ukulele.

Over the past year, his passion for plucking the small guitar-like instrument led him to start teaching others and to create a ukulele club at the senior living community. The group of a dozen residents practice every week and hold concerts periodically. They may not be quite as good as Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and other big names putting out uke-inspired albums in recent years … but they’re not too shabby.

Beyond music, Yakov likes to stay in good physical shape. If he’s not biking a dozen miles in the morning, he’s doing yoga, swimming, or spending a couple of hours daily involved in one of the various fitness classes.

Yakov says that he’s living the good life. He’s one of those people who make you think, “I hope I’m like that when I’m 86.” Yakov says living at a community with a Life Care plan allows him to pursue the many new opportunities that surround him at Abbey Delray South.