Living Lifespace: Taking Extraordinary Service to Heart and Touching Lives

Category: Community Life

Marion Grosswold was just settling into her new residence at Abbey Delray in Delray Beach, Florida. After an easy move-in process, she was excited to take control of her future and eliminate the worries of living alone. She now enjoys the benefits of social activities and wellness services that provide an added level of convenience and independence to her life.

But one thing was missing in her residence to make it feel more like home. “I love an office area and a desk for my computer and other things,” Marion said.

After some research, she ordered a desk and found a perfect spot within her new residence. When it came out of the box, Marion said it wasn’t quite the wood style she had in mind, but she soon discovered an even bigger issue.

Abbey Delray maintenance technician Richard “Ricky” Keegan arrived to lend a helping hand to assemble the desk. Ricky measured it and determined the desk was four inches too big for the space.

Marion recalled the deflating news. “I thought — what am I going to do?”

She never imagined a perfect solution would come the next day. It was Ricky’s day off, but he couldn’t get Marion’s predicament off his mind.

“She’s a nice lady, and I love the opportunity to put a smile on a resident’s face,” Ricky said. “Plus, the transition to a new home is an important time for our residents. We understand the need to be patient, supportive and help residents feel comfortable.”

Out running errands on his day off, Ricky decided to stop by some local furniture stores in search of a desk. He found one and took a picture of it to show Marion.

“Oh my, it looks perfect,” exclaimed Marion. She couldn’t believe he went to those lengths. She loved it so much she purchased it that day. When it arrived, the walnut-stained wood perfectly matched her other furniture.

“Even two months later, it still almost brings a tear to my eye,” said Marion. “It was so wonderful what he did, and others here at Abbey Delray have been tremendous and kind too.”

Ricky exemplified two characteristics of Living Lifespace, a team member culture program focused on always striving to evolve and improve the resident experience at Lifespace communities:

  • Creating a personalized and memorable experience
  • Anticipating a resident need and responding with exceptional service

“That’s what the world is about — doing the right thing,” Ricky added. “It’s rewarding to see her smile and to know I made a difference.”

(In the photo: With the support of Abbey Delray maintenance technician Richard “Ricky” Keegan, Marion Grosswold is enjoying her new home office at Abbey Delray.)