The Ties That Bind

Category: Community Life

Growing up under one roof inevitably brings you close together. The bonds we share with our siblings during childhood are among the earliest relationships we form, and can often last a lifetime.

As time passes, however, many siblings start families of their own and aren’t as close as they once were. The tight-knit bonds formed during childhood sometimes wither, especially during a time with a rising number of broken families.

Every once in a while, however, those relationships come full circle. Here at Friendship Village of Bloomington, three siblings who left the home they grew up in long ago are under one roof once again. Larry Wood, Jean Cullen and Mary Marx say they’ve rediscovered those old sibling connections through the various activities they take part in together at the community.

“We’ve grown closer through the various activities we take part in here,” says Larry. “The bonds we shared as children truly have never been broken and are now being strengthened by our life at this community.”

Whether it’s taking part in a group activity or just meeting for a quick bite to eat, these siblings know that family being under one roof again is a beautiful thing.