Team Members Pay It Forward

Category: Giving Back

Monica Gray is part of a growing number of Lifespace team members showing their passion for the seniors they serve by voluntarily pledging a portion of their pay toward The Lifespace Foundation. Since 2015, the number of team members who have participated in this cause has increased by 238 percent.

“The generosity, compassion and selflessness of our team members on a day-to-day basis is truly remarkable,” states Amy Brainard, Director of The Lifespace Foundation. “Their desire to support the health and welfare of our residents through philanthropy exemplifies a caring and supportive culture.”

Monica sees her role as an accountant at Friendship Village of Bloomington as an opportunity to give back. Her motivation to contribute is also partly driven by the aid she received from the community during a period of financial strain.

“I am extremely fortunate for the assistance I received,” explains Monica. “It is only natural that I gravitated toward supporting those who face similar adversities. Our residents work their entire lives to retire comfortably. I am very passionate about helping them maintain the great lifestyle and care at our community in times of hardship.”

After a lengthy career in the mortgage services industry, Monica went back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting. This was in addition to juggling family life and two jobs, including an early role as a receptionist at Friendship Village of Bloomington.

It is no secret that pursuing higher education can often be financially overwhelming. Monica’s experience was no different. To help ease the burden, she applied for and received a grant from the Friendship Village of Bloomington scholarship fund, which supports academic pursuits for team members at the community. Now graduated and working full-time, she is eager to pass along her good fortune.

“Receiving the scholarship lifted a huge burden off my shoulders,” Monica explains. “It offered me stability at a time when I needed it most. I have always had a special place in my heart for seniors and it feels good to pay it forward.”

[In the photo: Monica Gray (center) with Friendship Village of Bloomington residents Joan Morio and Dorothy Cook.]