Retirement Is All About Mastering Your Craft

Category: Community Life

Take a look around Larry Enerson’s spacious apartment at Friendship Village of Bloomington, a local senior living community, and you’ll see a 6 x 11-foot wooden train set, built to scale, that is clearly the centerpiece of the Enerson home. This train set, along with other items Larry has made, aren’t just collection pieces. They’re works of art, crafted by the hands of a master woodworker – Enerson himself!

Retirement has provided Larry with a chance to focus on his passion. It’s not out of the ordinary for him to spend 8-10 hours each week in the woodshop on the Friendship Village campus. As evidenced by a recent “best in class” award he won at a woodcarvers’ competition in Arizona, Larry is a truly skilled craftsman.

“For most of our lives, we’re busy,” says Larry. “We work, some of us raise families, and life happens. You don’t always have time to pursue your passions.”

Today, he says his time is what he makes of it.

“It’s easy at times to get lost in whatever I’m working on,” Larry says. “This is what retirement is supposed to be about, and I’ve found here at Friendship Village of Bloomington.”