Friendship Village of Bloomington Announces Launch of Masterpiece Living

Category: Community Life

Friendship Village of Bloomington announces the launch of a time-tested, proven aging initiative, known as Masterpiece Living®.

The kickoff event included an ‘Age is Just a Number’ walk, with residents wearing racer’s bibs displaying their age or some other number of significance. They marched through neighboring streets, along with a high school drum line and the Friendship Village wellness team.

Masterpiece Living has invested more than 14 years in the research, study and development of individuals’ passions related to four specific components of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual and social. It’s based on research from the MacArthur Foundation Study, which claims that 70% of how we age is determined by our lifestyle, versus only 30% determined by genetics.

“Independence is the most important aspect of why our residents choose to live at our community,” said David Miller, Executive Director at Friendship Village of Bloomington. “We’ve worked hard to create a culture that fosters that independent spirit, and provides every opportunity for seniors to remain self-reliant for as long as possible. Implementing Masterpiece Living demonstrates that commitment.”

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