Boarding care – to get you back on board

Senior Living with Assistance in Bloomington, MN

Boarding care – to get you back on board

Independence improves with a friend’s help, and boarding care is that. In fact, it’s a circle of friends, with family members and medical professionals focused on one thing: Getting you back aboard the confidence express, feeling good about your daily life and moving forward with your characteristic poise and charm.

We bring the help. You find the joy.

Aging’s effects or a health condition’s nag – it can wear the joy off daily living. With assistance, you can get that joy back. Boarding care provides the right kind of help, the right setting, and just what you need to get your confidence up and running. And the joy back where it belongs.

Boarding care includes:

  • Freedom to dine wherever you wish – the main dining room, the café, the vending machines
  • Access to our Fitness Center with its pool, workout areas and ongoing mind-enriching activities
  • Social, cultural and recreational activities to absolutely and definitively banish isolation
  • Help with personal care and hygiene, dressing and mobility
  • Scheduled transportation for when you need to get out and go

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