Friendship Village of Bloomington Named 2017 Center for Successful Aging

Category: Community Life

Friendship Village of Bloomington was recently recognized as one of the nation’s new Centers for Successful Aging (CSA) by Masterpiece Living®, a multi-specialty group that partners with more than 80 senior living organizations in support of successful aging initiatives. The CSA recognition is awarded annually to communities that foster a culture of growth and empowerment for residents, team members and others. Friendship Village is both the first Lifespace and Minnesota-based community to receive the distinction.

To receive the recognition, organizations must demonstrate exemplary initiative in six categories: culture, leadership, outreach, team member engagement, resident engagement and purposeful programming. Currently, there are only 17 CSA-certified communities nationwide.

“It gives us great pride in the commitment we put into our approach and the culture that we currently have,” says David Miller, executive director at Friendship Village. “We are excited about the future and look forward to building on this recognition. It’s an honor to help create an environment in which seniors can age successfully.”

Friendship Village has a long history of incorporating programs throughout the year geared toward empowering its residents and team members. A standout is the annual Age Is Just a Number walk, which is aimed at combating ageism and ableism. Residents, team members, friends and neighbors are presented with information on ageism before participating in an inspiring group warm-up exercise and commencing on the walk. Participants wear a “Race Bib” proudly displaying their age, and local bands provide entertainment for attendees. The walk has become a popular tradition due to its inclusive message.

Karen Lloyd, lifestyle director at Friendship Village, noted that the Age Is Just a Number walk exemplifies the purpose-driven nature behind the community’s initiatives.

“All our events, activities and programs are woven together toward the common goal of enhancing the lives of our residents, team members and the community at large,” explains Lloyd. “The recognition by Masterpiece Living is further affirmation that we are on the right path, and we are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to improve the lives of those we serve.”

Residents have taken note of these efforts and are recognizing peers who actively participate in community initiatives. One lucky resident is awarded Friendship Village’s annual Successful Aging Award for their commitment to enhancing their social, intellectual, physical and spiritual health – the community’s key focuses. The 2017 recipient was Pat Wood, who credits Friendship Village for enabling her healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

Wood says, “I have been here a little over 10 years and I have never been bored. There are so many offerings, opportunities and programs going on all the time, so we are always on the move.
I definitely made a good choice.”

Friendship Village is just the beginning. All Lifespace communities have partnered with Masterpiece Living and are actively executing successful aging initiatives with the goal of also becoming CSA-certified.

(In the photo: Friendship Village of Bloomington embark on the 2017 Age Is Just a Number walk)