Health can change, but you shouldn’t have to. You remain the person you always were – unique, marvelous and adventurous – living your life your way. So when your health changes, we respectfully respond with Lombard, IL, senior care designed for the vital, purpose-driven individual you continue to be.

Life Care conquers the what-ifs.

Life Care conquers the what-ifs.

With Life Care, any needed care will be cost-managed, provided for life, and delivered by those you know and trust. It’s designed to free you from worry and grant the confidence you need to maintain your active, independent lifestyle. So go ahead, and don’t look back. The what-ifs are conquered, and you’re in control.

  • Must be capable of living independently and move first into residential living to be eligible for Life Care
  • Minimal fee increases during care
  • Lifetime of care that protects you from rising costs

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Chicago is big, but we’re right where you can find us. Living at Beacon Hill means you can stay in touch with your social network. You can always entertain friends from your old neighborhood. And you can get the care you need right where you need it – in your world.

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