Blind Date Reveals Love at First Sight

Category: Resident Features

Who doesn’t love a story about a happily married couple who first met on a blind date? The Bennetts reflect on the day and how it has led to five decades of happiness.

Arlene: It was March of 1969, and a friend of mine suggested she wanted to set me up on a date. But as fate would have it, my original “date” was unable to attend, and Wayne appeared in his place. Wayne had a pleasant personality. He was very intelligent, friendly, kind, generous… and handsome.

Wayne: On our second date, we went to a movie and to the Buffalo Ice Cream Parlor. We had a wonderful time there. Arlene was enchanting in every way, plus, she laughed at my jokes!

Arlene: Of course, I laughed at his jokes. Wayne has a wonderful sense of humor. By then, we were dating regularly. Wayne was commissioned as an Army lieutenant after earning his degree in accounting. We both realized that our relationship was evolving into something quite serious during the annual dinner-dance for the accounting firm he worked at.

Wayne: It was clear that Arlene was the love of my life. However, we had two major concerns. Since I was on active duty, I would be going to Vietnam. And, Arlene would be graduating in June and pursing a BS in nursing.

Arlene: My friends and I consulted the Ouija Board, and it assured us that Wayne would not be sent to Vietnam. It was right. On December 27, 1969, Wayne and I we were married. Since then, the years have flown by and have been happier than I could have ever imagined.

Wayne and Arlene: We are truly “soul mates” … then, now and always.