Usefulness. Purpose. Ambition. Usefulness. Purpose. Ambition.

Usefulness. Purpose. Ambition.

It’s contagious. You get caught up in the happy commotion right away – and feel as challenged, motivated and satisfied as everybody else.

Everybody’s vital. Everybody’s vital.

Everybody’s vital.

Nobody quits their agenda. Everybody’s an independent thinker with vital roles to play, purposes to fulfill, dreams to chase and people to connect with. Some say they expect to get around to a nap someday, but right now there’s too much that’s too important – and too much fun – that needs their attention.

You get it. You get it. You get it.

You get it.

What you need, when you need it. After all, life here isn’t just simpler, it’s a whole lot better.

See floor plans for apartment homes and accept our invitation to be totally picky about what you want.

We offer services & amenities like covered parking for when you’d rather leave the Lincoln and take a ride with the scheduled transportation.

Yum. Face delicious choices 3 times daily – with your pick of dining venues. Take a look at our sample menu … but what’s served today is even better!

View pics of our 40-acre naturalized campus, with its walking trails and pond (legend has it the Loch Ness Monster overwinters here).

It only takes one trip to Oak Trace to understand just how many life-enriching community features are truly on tap. See for yourself with our Activities Calendar.

What’s not to like about western suburbs shopping, dining and entertainment? Check out the neighborhood from a satellite’s point of view.

Helpful people helping each other and helping themselves to a rich and wonderful life. You can imagine the stories, right? So read their stories – plus all the news.

24/7 security for spectacular peace and calm – except for the occasional brave mosquito.

Review intellectual, spiritual, physical and social capabilities for reaching your goals … and live well with an integrated plan for goal focused living.

Community counts.

Community counts.

It hums with activity, neighbors become friends and staff care in a way that feels like family. People count on each other. And as they share life, day after day, they make each other better.

Growth continues.

Growth continues.

Still growing, you push yourself to try, learn and do something new daily. Why not? It’s how to live when you want the most out of life. And it’s how everybody feels at Oak Trace: We’re curious, courageous and eager.