Vital, purpose-driven and unique, you’re the very person you were born to be. So when health concerns upset your routine, you deserve health services that treat your ailments without sidelining the real you – that accomplished, experienced, marvelous person you’ve always been. And that’s why we’re here, for the real you.

  • Home comforts
  • State-of-the-art care
  • As skilled as compassionate

What’s special about our health care?

What’s special about our health care?

We’re not a “home” — but we’re home to all kinds of people seeking their full measure of joy. And smack-dab in the middle of all this individuality and independence — this is where you also find a special kind of health care. We help people heal, cope and hang onto their self-respect and dignity.

  • We listen
  • We understand
  • We help

Legacy of genuine care.

As a CCRC (continuing care retirement community), we put our whole heart into our care. Always have, since 1902. Whether you’re a Downers Grove-area resident or an independent-minded resident of Oak Trace, you’ll find a full range of health services ready when you need them:

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Conveniently provided here, for rehab, catered living and skilled nursing residents.

Memory care.
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Memory care.

For Alzheimer’s or other age-related dementia, personalized care delivered with dignity, friendship and kindness.

Life Care, for planners.

Having cost-managed, confidence-building Life Care means you’re an active, independent senior with a secure plan for a future in an Oak Trace residence and priority access if you need long-term care. With costs predictable, savings certain and exceptional medical service at-the-ready, your plan is to stay worry-free and get on with your life. It’s a smart plan to own your future.

  • Eligibility includes living independently prior to entering Life Care contract
  • Minimal fee increases during care
  • Lifetime of care, guaranteed


The Downers Grove continuing care retirement community — where care is real.

Find out how Life Care can be a smart plan for owning your future.


For questions about care at Oak Trace, call 630.769.6200.