Together We Flourish

April 25, 2017

in Organization News

What does it look like to live our best life? And how do we move even closer to that ideal as we age?

For centuries, philosophers have discussed the concept of well-being. Aristotle used the word “eudaimonia” to describe our innate desire to find fulfillment. New research shines a light on the conditions that contribute to human flourishing.

At Lifespace, we know that growth is possible across every stage of life. We can live fully into our strengths no matter our age or physical ability. That’s why we create communities that embrace the social, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions which enable us to be our best selves.

The Living Lifespace culture helps us do that. We recognize each individual as unique, possessing perspective and gifts that are vital for healthy communities. Team members take initiative to create memorable experiences for residents through personalized attention. Residents exercise their power by making choices and pursuing their passions. The result is exceptional service and engagement.

Flourishing requires that we pay attention to our surroundings. Recent studies tie flourishing to living in healthy communities where we participate in meaningful activity, experience genuine relationships and reach our fullest potential. Lifespace’s successful aging strategy focuses on creating strong communities where residents find opportunities to pursue physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. Visit a Lifespace campus and you’ll see residents swimming laps in the pool, taking new classes or planning a community event.

I’m inspired by the story of Phyllis Brandoin, a resident at The Waterford who leads a popular fitness class called “Energy in Motion.” That’s a good description for Phyllis, too. Name a committee at the Juno Beach, Florida, community and she is on it. Phyllis, just like Lifespace residents across our 12 campuses, is a prime example of what it means to flourish.

The days of “caring for” older adults are over. Our mission is much more than that. Our aim is fulfillment. So residents and team members together create spaces where life is celebrated and lived to its fullest. Together we flourish.

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