Love living it.

Love living it.

More time for what matters. More people to socialize with. More play, learning, enrichment. Life here means a blossoming of freedom and opportunity — and you’re gonna love living it.

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Fascinating friends and friendly neighbors and a supportive, ready-to-serve-you staff. Everyone’s eager to share your joys and sorrows, grab lunch, plan an event, pause to smell the flowers. This is where the conversation never lags, the laughter rolls on and every day fulfills.

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The whole shebang. The whole shebang. The whole shebang.

The whole shebang.

Get it all. How are you gonna live here? Very, very well, thank you.

Beautiful apartment homes and villas with great views, better neighbors and all the space, comfort and convenience you can imagine.

Garages at the villas, covered parking elsewhere – and regularly scheduled transportation, too. In fact, why not check out the whole big long list of services & amenities.

Dining to brag about – see a sample menu – plus a popular club bar. Truth is, those who live here are really good at eating and talking. And laughing.

50 wooded acres, with green space, winding streets and wildlife – actually, it can feel like a woodland retreat. Take a look. Visit the Photo Gallery.

Outdoor pool, fitness center and an auditorium – which are, respectively, busy, busy and busy. Believe it? Check out our Activities Calendar.

Orlando nearby will lure grandchildren and other dear family members, and the close-by airport will make their visits – or your escapes – easy-peasy. Get the satellite view.

Scads of new friends on move-in, and then the relationships grow, with shared adventures, laughter, schemes and genuine care. The result? Lives are changed in newsworthy ways.

24/7 security to put a giant piece of peace in your peace of mind.

Get in touch with your intellectual, spiritual, physical and social capabilities … and live well with an integrated plan for goal-focused living.



You decide. What do you really want? Around here, you can follow your muse, march to a private drummer, make up your own mind. We offer a range of choices, but it’s up to you: Decide what you want for breakfast, for the day, for the rest of your life. Then count on us. Because we’ll build bridges, knock down barriers and do the heavy lifting, so you can carry out your plan.

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Give yourself permission to do everything you’ve been setting aside — and more of whatever you love to do. Your life is filled with friends, unburdened of worry, rich with what matters most to you. You can live every day balanced, eager and focused. You’ve got time, so go ahead and dream.

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