Let yourself

Let yourself

If you dislike the sound of laughter, you won’t be too comfortable … for all of two shakes. Till you discover that your curiosity’s been reawakened, your appetite for life rewhet and you’re wondering, “What’s next on my personal menu?”



Parents’ expectations. College opportunities. First passion. First job. First career. And on and on. Most decisions, you made without a glance back. But one or two – yes, one or two of those paths not taken, you’d pursue today, if you could. People have been coming to Florida to launch things for some time. Now it’s your turn.

You Get It You Get It You Get It

You Get It

What you need, when you need it. After all, life here isn’t just simpler, it’s a whole lot better.

1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom garden and tower apartment homes, easy-manage alcove apartments, and for more space and privacy, lovely Villas, all with upkeep included

Covered carport parking, plus convenient scheduled transportation when you’d rather have Jeeves drive

A quick bite in the Grille Room, or may-I-take-your-order restaurant-style dining

Beautifully landscaped grounds for brisk walks, jogs or strolls – including our namesake bridgeways, always offering a moment of deep reflection

A state-of-the-art auditorium for concerts, lectures, films, occasional can’t-miss TV, and gatherings that put the “art” back in “party”

All the reasons to be a tourist in greater Palm Beach: everything from opera to museums, shows, expos, poker, polo, the South Florida Fair and, of course, an intriguing ocean’s just a nod away

Opportunities for rich relationships, quality diversions, genuine service, and old-fashioned fun, in a place to pursue your dreams at full speed

24-hour security for round-the-clock, I’m okay/you’re okay

FitSix® because you might as well be well



Golf is the only remaining sport to demand honor, require finesse, and offer the chance to whack a ball. Hard. Repeatedly. Our friendly relationship with nearby PGA Resort & Spa means that your 18 daily holes – and tennis, spa and fitness center – are discounted as well as therapeutic. No wonder that we’re usually just about full up. (Note to self, call to be on our list. Sooner is best.)



Join this Lifespace community and its liberating lifestyle. You have little to lose and everything to win by letting us handle (a) the logistics of daily living, (b) the present and future challenges of growing older, and (c) the insecurity of unpleasant surprises. Gone, gone and gone. In their place, it’s time to let laughter find a home in your heart.

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Think wellness means a treadmill, a bowl of oatmeal and an annual flu shot? Think bigger. At The Waterford, living well means weaving our FitSix® plan for wellness into the very fabric of daily life. Holistic, integrated, it’s as sensible as a sweater.

6 Sensible Inroads.

Every day, your full measure of fulfillment: Here’s wellness on your terms, at your pace.


Expand your mind with mentally stimulating challenges.


Improve balance, mobility, endurance and strength.


Interact. Harmonize. Grow your circle of friends.


Manage your responses to life’s ups and downs. Build optimism.


Connect with your heart and find harmony with the universe.


Serve. Share. Lead.You and your talentsare useful.

Eminently sensible FitSix® threads the magic of wellness through what you do best: being independent, making great choices and indulging in the joy of life.