Be yourself. Be yourself.

Be yourself.

Do whatever you want. You’ll fit right in among the planners and dreamers who thrive on opportunities. In fact, you could describe our lifestyle as simply “Yours.” Your style, your choices, your way. So be yourself.

Live. Live.


You choose from a list or a menu or a universe of possibilities – whatever you want today, we’re here to help. We know you’re a red-blooded, independent-thinking, self-determined individual who’s well educated in the school of life. All we want for you is everything you want to do. 

Live your Life.

You get it. You get it. You get it.

You get it.

What you need, when you need it. After all, life here isn’t just simpler, it’s a whole lot better.

Spacious apartment homes and townhomes where living large comes naturally

Services & amenities make you feel so special, it’s almost embarrassing. Almost. The list even includes scheduled transportation … plus, valet parking underground where it never snows!

Cocktail lounge and may-I-take-your-order restaurant-style dining. See a sample menu. New dining venues under development!

Our $9 million construction and redevelopment is now underway – including a new Multipurpose Center, and major renovations to dining room, entryway, living room, hallways and corridors.

46 landscaped acres with paths for strolling, lolly-gagging, traipsing, jogging or walking briskly – up to you. Visit our Photo Gallery and you’ll see what we mean.

Check out the satellite view! You’ll see we’re near every Des Moines thing you love – Civic Center, Des Moines Symphony, Des Moines Playhouse, IMAX Theatre – and close to the highway for getaways.

Time – to learn, play, grow, socialize, build something, start something, laugh, go somewhere or just do what you want. Check our Activities Calendar and plan your time.

24/7 security, including guards on the grounds day and night, plus Life Care protecting your future for the rest of your life. Download the Life Care fact sheet.

Get in touch with your intellectual, spiritual, physical and social capabilities … and live well with an integrated plan for goal-focused living.



TestLife, mastered. And since you’ve been there and done that, you’ve now got your own ideas of fun. Golf? Writing crime novels? Learning the ukelele? Your only limits are imagination and passion, and you’ve got those in spades. So get ready.  Conveniences and amenities wrapped around you, an extraordinary staff at your beck and call, and living – boom! – suddenly gets simpler. It’s full speed ahead with whatever you like.



The secret? You’re growing. With a lifetime of experience, you still watch for something new in everything that happens. So give this a whirl: like-minded friends supporting each other while different-minded friends stimulate fresh thinking. And an ever-changing, on-campus tableau of activities to balance your life. Plus, access to the Greater Des Moines area and all it offers. You talk about a fertile environment.
Heck, you can’t help but grow.