On belonging.

On belonging.

Safe, secure and right at home. You’re somebody special, and you want a place that’s all your own, a pace you set yourself and the keen sense you make a difference. Welcome! You’ll fit well here!

Being partners. Being partners.

Being partners.

Independent thinkers like you have lists, plans, agendas. You’ve got things to do, and you know how to get them done – including assigning some pieces to responsible, willing partners. That’s where we come in: We take care of this, while you tend to that. We’ll clean house so you can get out and socialize. We’ll mow while you learn, cook while you play, change light bulbs while you laugh, and maintain the place while you do something creative or otherwise enriching. We’re partners: You, living well, and our attentive staff, sticking with you every step of the way.

Answers. Answers. Answers.


You wonder what we’ve got, how you’ll like it, whether it’s everything you need. The short answer? Yup.

Beautiful, easy-to-love apartment homes and villas with all maintenance and great neighbors provided

Covered parking, because no car needs a tan, and regularly scheduled transportation, because everybody occasionally deserves a chauffeur

Cocktail lounge and restaurant-style dining – with uncommonly delicious dining

Gated, landscaped campus, where people casually stroll – if they’re not simply standing around chatting up a storm

Our koi pond is the pool of tranquility that keeps our high-octane active lifestyle in perspective

Nearby Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Morikami Japanese Gardens, Tennis Center and golf galore – plus shopping, entertainment, and right over yonder is the ocean

A community – a genuine people-caring-about-each-other community – that warms your heart

24-hour security for the thumbs-up, A-Okay, sleepin’-easy lifestyle you want

FitSix® because, well, nothing’s better than being well

Making choices.

Making choices.

You decide. You’re the expert at making up your mind. And you keep the expertise sharp when you live in a community with a wide, wide range of opportunity. Here every day is yours. So don’t even hesitate about being your independent self, keeping up the pace you want and making choices.

Having heart. Having heart.

Having heart.

The sunny side? It’s people who love people. It’s people who love life. It’s Abbey Delray. If you like optimism in your lifestyle, and balance in your daily life, you’ll love it here. As our residents say, “It’s what this place does to my heart.”

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Think wellness means a treadmill, bowl of oatmeal and annual flu shot? Think bigger. At Abbey Delray, living well means weaving our FitSix® plan for wellness into the very fabric of daily life. Holistic, integrated, it’s sensible as a sweater.

6 Sensible Inroads.

Every day, your full measure of fulfillment: Here’s wellness on your terms, at your pace.


Expand your mind with mentally stimulating challenges.


Improve balance, mobility, endurance and strength.


Interact. Harmonize. Grow your circle of friends.


Manage your responses to life’s ups and downs. Build optimism.


Connect with your heart and find harmony with the universe.


Serve. Share. Lead. You and your talents are useful.

Be independent, make great choices and indulge in the joy of life.