Fulfillment-focused. Fulfillment-focused.


Live well, with all the parts of a good life smoothly integrated – head to handshake, heart to soul, workouts to hot fudge sundaes.

Harmonious Harmonious


Rich, full and as good as everything that came before — that’s life here. This is the senior living community where people look after each other. Whether they live or work here, everybody is unpretentious, warm and friendly. It makes for a sensible kind of everyday living that’s wholesome, harmonious and satisfying.

Stacked high Stacked high Stacked high

Stacked high

We back up the truck of opportunities to the loading dock of your ambition. Help yourself.

Beautiful, comfortable, spacious apartment homes, plus townhomes that are just as wonderful – all with maintenance provided and housekeeping included

Scheduled transportation to suit your schedule and get you where you need to go without having to actually, you know, drive

Delicious dining, plate after plate – and with all your fine friends and neighbors around, you never need to eat alone, unless you just absolutely insist on it

Cozy campus with almost everything you need, and easy access to the interstate when what you need is a getaway

Spectacular fitness center smack-dab in the middle of campus, so working out, classes and socializing can be as regular to your routine as your morning corn flakes

Recreation-loving Bloomington also offers the Mall of America and, of course, Minneapolis

Thoughtful, generous neighbors who absolutely love adding more friends to their circles – just like you do

24-hour security so when you sleep, you sleep soundly

FitSix® because you might as well be well



Independent people make choices. Independence is, in fact, freedom of choice. And that’s why ours is a community with a wide range of opportunities — and all the services and amenities that make pursuing those opportunities easier. So you can continue as always — being yourself and making up and changing your mind.



Great friends, congenial neighbors and supportive, eager-to-serve staff. Good people. They’re ready to play, accompany, share, help, listen, laugh — and they can turn even the most ordinary day into a rich adventure. And they usually do. Because just like you, they put their hearts into everything they do.

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.
Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Well-rounded, balanced and wholesome.

Think wellness means a treadmill, a bowl of oatmeal and an annual flu shot? Think bigger. At Friendship Village of Bloomington, living well means weaving our FitSix® plan for wellness into the very fabric of daily life. Holistic, integrated, it’s as sensible as a sweater.

6 sensible paths

Every day, your full measure of fulfillment: Here’s wellness on your terms, at your pace.


Expand your mind with mentally stimulating challenges.


Improve balance, mobility, endurance and strength.


Interact. Harmonize. Grow your circle of friends.


Manage your responses to life’s ups and downs. Build optimism.


Connect with your heart and find harmony with the universe.


Serve. Share. Lead. You and your talents are useful.

Eminently sensible FitSix threads the magic of wellness through what you do best: being independent, making great choices and indulging in the joy of life.