Start something. Start something.

Start something.

Jump in. Commandeer the opportunity. Capture the moment. That’s you, and this is your style: a community built around freedom and opportunity. We crank up daily living’s comfort and convenience, so you can face every day ready to start something.

Suddenly, time is on your side. Start something.

Suddenly, time is on your side.

Trade in your “Maybe later” for “Right now.” And swap out your “I’ve always wanted to” for “Ahhh! Finally!” Because all this freedom and opportunity mean just one thing: Today, time is on your side.

Whole shebang. Whole shebang. Whole shebang.

Whole shebang.

More than a bit of this and that, Beacon Hill offers a complete, happy, all-parts-included, convenience-laced, security-enhanced lifestyle.

Senior apartments? Wait’ll you see ours. Maintenance and housekeeping provided, of course, so you can get out the door scot-free and dive into everything happening out there.

Scheduled transportation, because getting around can be way more fun when you call the driver “Jeeves.”

Multiple dining venues and three meals daily available – and it’s all good food, well-prepared and graciously served. Typically, you gain maybe 10 pounds the first week.

A lovely little campus for walking about, gazing into the pond and watching our pair of swans.

Never mind the swans, what’s special here is the way you feel when you begin to move about, connect, indulge and let your hair down. There’s only one Beacon Hill – and no place else comes close.

Oakbrook Center, Yorktown Center for shopping; fast food to fine dining around every corner; and Chicago over thataway for the museums, entertainment, culture, sports and good eats.

Interested but not nosy neighbors who are just as eager as you to grow, share adventures, shuffle the deck, head for the ballpark or just sit and chat.

24/7 security with emergency call service, for round-the-clock reassurance.

FitSix® wellness to deepen your well of wellness.

Now’s your chance. Now’s your chance.

Now’s your chance.

Don’t hesitate. You’ve got adventures inside you rarin’ to go. Unburden yourself of homeownership, hand over the dishtowel, and let fly whatever it is that fulfills, satisfies, makes you grow, makes you laugh, makes you happy. Because when it comes to the next adventure, here’s your chance.

Friendly neighbors are looking out for you. Friendly neighbors are looking out for you.

Friendly neighbors are looking out for you.

Friends galore. Someone’s always there, jumping at the chance to join you and just as eager to invite you to join them. You’ll find co-conspirators for your schemes, bridge partners, tablemates for dining, traveling buddies, a fourth for golf — in fact, our senior living community is a company of friends, and somebody’s always looking for you.